Audio feedback made easy. Simply, fast & beautiful.  Forget drives, Attachments and Chats – Anywave is the new standard for audio professionals.

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Audio feedback from the future

Get comments, true collaboration and approvals in real time from Anyone, Anywhere, Anywave.

All the features you need

We tailored our solution for podcast producers.


Your audio is transcribed automatically and you can search right in the transcript. Professional audio review with the simplicity of a doc.


Share your audio with a web link. One link for all your clients to listen, feedback and check previous versions.


You worked so hard to make it sound like this – Level up your delivery, with your own branding, high resolution playback and download.

How can Anywave help me?

Share audio in high resolution, get feedback quick and track all versions within one link.

Streamline collaboration with all customers and get committed feedback seamlessly in one place – you can even choose your own branding.

Quickly work through longform audio or interviews, respond to comments and find exactly the soundbite you were looking for.

Built for audio – Feedback Mach Two

“Getting to yes would get so much easier, if I knew about this!”

Malcom Gladwell

“I have never heard of Anywave – but if I did I would love it.”

Tim Ferris

“I wish I had ideas like this!”

Daniel Ek